About the artist_

Jelena began her journey as a DJ in 2018. Her dedication to developing her artistic mastery emerged from the incredible power she experienced on dancefloors all across Europe. Those countless nights of dancing and the fascination of the effect the music had on her mind and body led her to begin exploring the art of Djing in great detail. When Jelena is working the decks, her first and most valuable mission is to create an atmosphere where the people in the crowd can safely experience a sense of unity and freedom. The idea behind her selections is to combine tribal, trippy textured techno with groovy elements to firstly trigger the listener's suggestibility and secondly to plant the seed of joy in their hearts.

Besides playing records, Jelena is also establishing her skills as a producer. The ability to translate her emotions, experiences and thoughts into songs not only made her grow as an artist, but also as a human being. She is committed to manifesting her personality in her music to show the world who she is and what makes her unique. In 2021, she released her debut EP „Vatra gori“ on the Swiss label AEROBIK that has already recieved great international support.

Jelena has a distinctive approach and an intense drive to develop her talent. The world will see much more of her passionate work in the future.

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