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Consistency is one of the most important qualities an artist needs in order to grow, and KaioBarssalos has been demonstrating this since the beginning of his journey. Fascinated since childhood by clubber and raver culture, in 2010 he learned to DJ and started performing at local parties. Two years later, he started to produce his own music with releases that achieved worldwide recognition.

But it all really started in 2018 with their EP 'Seven', one of his first releases to stand out, where he reached more than 500k streamings.

The watershed of his career would come two years later, in 2020, after releasing his single 'Synergy' on the renowned Planet Rhythm, which was played by Amelie Lens, Slam, Marcel Fengler, and other great artists. The track hit the dance floor so well, it was released three times on the label, and the third time it got a vinyl version.

Shortly thereafter, Kaio released his debut EP on the Suara label, 'Artificial Intelligence' which features four tracks that further reinforces his personality as an artist. The release reached the top5 on beatport and has been receiving support from artists and listeners around the world.

Kaio's releases have been recognized worldwide and played by renowned artists such as Nastia, Pan-Pot, Marco Faraone, Sam Paganini, Wehbba, Dave The Drummer and many others.

In addition to the importance that Kaio has always given to releasing his songs and sharing them to the world, the passion of playing some songs at night has always been in his blood, which is why he has performed in some of the main clubs and festivals in Brazil, like D-EDGE, Tantsa, Club 88, Pulsar Festival, Anzuclub and others, sharing the stage with great artists such as Anthony Parasole, Shlømo, Temudo, Lady Starlight, Mark Reeve, SHDW & Obscure Shape, Anthony Rother and many others.

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