Maia Meia


About the artist_

Coming straight out of the St. Petersburg russian underground with a top-class collection of powerful techno heaters inspired by personal struggles and spiritual connections, Maia Meia is set to make a devastating impression on worldwide dancefloors.


Born and raised in St. Petersburg, in her childhood she was mainly focused on sports, doing figure skating, dance and gymnastic, but it didn’t last long for some reason so she ended up sport career.

The one thing that she never stopped to to do is to sing songs of her favorite 2000s pop stars, which somehow continue to inspire her to use sometimes her vocals in the productions.


Initially,  Maia Meia’s musical imagination was captured by the sound of detroit techno and rave music, which have continued to inspire her sets and recent productions.

The earliest influence to the electronic music was the fact that her brother was a drum n bass dj, at the age about 17 she started to go to club parties and doing mixes for fun in Traktor at home.  she started to listen electronic artists such as Tiga, Boys Noize then moved to the sound of Blake Baxter, Inner City, Juan Atkins  and continued with rave tracks from Altern 8.

Surrounded by DJs who evolved into friends and helped her to start djing,  it was only a matter of time before she took the same musical path. After discovering some online ableton courses in 2016 , she was hooked, experimenting with analogue machines but eventually focusing solely on digital production.  after visiting Berlin same year and going to Berghain finally moved her focus to techno. it had a big impact to form further taste in techno.


In december 2018 Maia released her debut EP Herz on Induxtriall Records, first woman release on the spanish label  that opened the doors to her career.


In june 2019 she launched her own record label under her name and released an inaugural three-track EP "out of sight" that draws from themes of spirituality and self-reliance. 


Maia Meia has confirmed her status as one of global techno’s most exciting new voices, balancing emotional sensibility with a raw, destructive aesthetic to produce dancefloor-ready techno that pulses with a human heartbeat.

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