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Matthieu Benjamin


About the artist_

Matthieu Benjamin has been involved in the music scene for a long time before taking the plunge and launching himself as an artist. His story with music started when he decided to volunteer for the Romandie Rock Club, and then got hired as an intern, in parallel to his university studies in sociology. At the end of his internship, he left Lausanne to complete his studies in Hamburg, where he wrote his Bachelor's project on the interaction between the city and its music venues. It was this experience that allowed him to immerse himself in the German music scene and to discover electronic music from a new angle. However, it was during the summer of 2016 that he finished his studies and went to Berlin, where he had his first real experience with techno. Back in Switzerland, he decided to buy a pair of mk2 and to teach himself the art of mixing records, while multiplying the return trips to Berlin. In 2019, he got noticed with a second place in the DJing contest organized by the Chocolate festival, which allowed him to win his first club dates. It is from there that he decided to launch his project Temporal Variation, with the goal in mind to create a meeting platform for electronic music in Lausanne and to promote emerging artists from the region and elsewhere.

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