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Matthieu Benjamin


About the artist_

Continuously seeking rare and unexpected sonorities, Matthieu Benjamin delivers dark, psychedelic and atmospheric techno.

After having developed his ear in Hamburg, in 2019 he started playing in Swiss clubs, in particular with his series, and future label, Temporal Variation.

Behind the decks, he is making a name for himself by offering his audience a mystical yet sophisticated sonic journey, which has led to appearances in clubs such as D! Club, Folklor Club, Le Zoo, La Gravière, Nordstern or Zinkbad and to join the Zurich label Adroit.

As a producer, he has perfected his style through releases on Newrhythmic, Anaøh and Adroit, which have been supported by many artists, including DVS1, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, I Hate Models, or Adriana Lopez.

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