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Nicolle Mirabueno


About the artist_

Nicolle Mirabueno is a Zurich based Swiss/Filipino artist and DJ. Originally a classically trained singer who grew up surrounded by all kinds of musical genres, her passion for DJing and electronic music developed after she experienced the Techno scene in Berlin and then immersing herself in the records of the early pioneers as well as contemporary artists. In fall 2021, Nicolle decided to start DJing. She dove deep into the Zurich scene and furthered her education by taking several courses in composition and music production. With a large music collection and a clear idea of her sound, Nicolle was soon playing gigs in and around Zurich. 


Nicolle Mirabueno plays a selection of fast and driving Techno, creating a forward momentum in the room that never loses a sense of groove and atmosphere. She is also not afraid to experiment with different rhythms, textures and even other genres if it fits the vibe. 


She’s always searching for new inspiration and ways to express herself. When she isn’t standing behind the decks, she can be found on the dance floor, in the studio, digging through crates at record stores or creating abstract paintings. In fall 2022 Nicolle has continued to expand her musical knowledge and skills by pursuing a bachelor's degree in audio engineering at a university in Zurich.

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