About the artist_

Ryan Robinson is a techno producer/DJ and founder of “YAWA records” from Birmingham, UK. Ryan, who also goes by the name Skoden in the music industry, loves creating hard / rave style tracks through his label.
It was in 2014 when Skoden discovered the world of electronic dance music and techno. It made him change his perception of music. It was like love at first sight; it made Ryan figure his career out; he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Once he stepped into the underground world of music, there was no looking back. Learning new things and making himself more familiar with the world of techno music. He wanted to try and play everything this genre had to offer. Soon he made himself familiar with the art of DJ’ing, after performing at various underground platforms, Skoden was still hungry for more. He always had room to learn more skills and wanted to compose his music and create his sounds; he realized that being a DJ was not enough. To satisfy his desire to learn more about music, Skoden began teaching himself music production. He learned about all the mechanics of music production, worked hard, refined his music, and created some hard hitting techno tracks. Having learned all the ins and outs of music production, Skoden established his industrial techno label, “YAWA Records” in 2020. He has since, produced some of the hard/industrial techno beats through his platform. Being supported by some of the big guns in the industry, Skoden is entertaining his fans with the fast and energetic techno beats he creates and plays.

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